Computer generated and non-appraiser valuations

If you're considering using one of the many "free home valuation" tools to figure out your property's value or contemplating trying an automated valuation model (AVM) instead of an appraiser to maybe save some money, you're taking a huge risk. Pretiger Appraisal Company wants you to know why your best option with a large investment like real estate is to call an appraiser.

  • You need a local appraiser who knows what the Abilene market is doing today. Often times AVM's do not use data from multiple periods and seasonal cycles. 

  • You need a qualified appraiser who has been in your home, and knows what is unique about your property. AVM's rely on mass data and median sales prices. We understand the details that bring value to your home, and will find only the data that is truly comparable to your property. 

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